This week we had some sunny days that had all of us garden lovers dreaming about our spring plantings.  Most of you have your seeds and list of plants ready to go.  As you plan your garden, don’t forget about your local greenhouses.  The stop by the major box stores is usually convenient, but did you know that most likely there is a school in your community that may fund some of its programs through revenue made on the greenhouse?  

Many districts have agriculture or science programs that use greenhouses to teach students hands on lessons in science, business, and marketing.  The plants that are grown in the greenhouse often help send its students to leadership camps and state competitions.  IMG_4316

What will you find at the local greenhouse?  Because teachers are always staying in touch with current demands, many greenhouses will have a wide selection of annual flowers and vegetable plants that often can be conventional or organically produced.  Some greenhouses offer the option to build you own patio pots with the varieties they have gown.

How is the service?  Most schools use their spring sales to teach students valuable customer service skills.  Students put their classroom knowledge to the real-life test as you ask them about varieties, total up your order, and assist you while carrying your plants to the car.  

IMG_4794If the school doesn’t have it chances are they know a local greenhouse in town that does.  Teachers stay in touch with local business.  They trade plants, seeds, and tips for managing the greenhouse.   So if you stop by and they don’t have it, chances are they will know who else in town does.

Happy gardening!IMG_5765