Hello Grow Appalachia Followers!

Spring is officially here and frostier than ever. In fact, since the first day of spring, Cincinnati has had several frost warnings, a hailstorm, and even snow! This week started off with lows in the 20’s and ended with highs near 70 degrees! But even with Mother Nature keeping us guessing, we’ve taken advantage of the nice days in between the not-so-nice March days.

Garden Coordinator Updates:
Christina is keeping busy scheduling garden tours, and meeting up with gardeners and volunteers. Christina is also working alongside the Civic Garden Center, preparing for an exciting garden event scheduled for April 28th. OTR People’s Garden accepted a donation from a community partner in which the funds will be used to enhance our garden space! Plans include: painting the pergola, adding more garden beds, installing bird deterrents, hanging a communication board, designing a table space for our upcoming Summer Chef Program, adding security lighting, replacing benches, repairing entrance gates, and adding trash cans. Amazing news right? A ribbon cutting ceremony has also been scheduled to celebrate the new partnership and donation. More details about this new partnership will be in our next blog update on April 25th.

This month several gardeners came out to tend to the garden and add a few pansies near the East McMicken Avenue entrance. 🙂

OTR Gardeners collected the handmade garden signs created by the Paul Mitchell crew a few seasons ago and added new paint and designs. Do you like how they are coming along? Once completed they will be hung along the entrance gates to the garden.

Last month we were watching the asparagus bed for any action…It is official… we are now harvesting crisp and tender asparagus!

Along with the Asparagus our Rhubarb is also looking mighty fine. Rhubarb is a spring vegetable perennial packed with vitamins and minerals. Over the years the our rhubarb stalks have been used in many pies, tarts and sauces.

Thanks for reading the latest updates from Cincinnati’s Grow Appalachia Partner Site Over-the-Rhine People’s Garden. We will be back again next month with more photos, plans and victories.

Peace, OTR People’s Garden