Judd Walther: AmeriCorps Member Hillsboro, WV

On Monday March 6th, 2017 the second and third members of our AmeriCorps team arrived on-site ready and are willing to get their hands dirty. Jeremiah Manahan and Judd Walther, both locally grown citizens, will be serving with Liz until the end of their service contract in August. Together the three will tackle many obstacles with hands in the operations of Grow Appalachia as well as producing enough food to sustain the summer camps here at High Rocks. The growing season is upon us and our 3 volunteers are eager to get planting.

Jeremiah brings extensive knowledge of carpentry and mechanics to the table as well as years of harvesting fruitful gardens in the area. He will serve in the daily operations of the high tunnel, green house, and gardens as well as with trail building and maintenance.

Judd is a well-rounded team player that will play a part  in all aspects of the gardening operations. Also, he will lead the Food Trailer program in hopes of getting some of the great produce into local mouths. He is looking forward to the next 6 months and has high hopes of a tremendous yield this growing season.

Together these 3 particularly quaint individuals will overcome adversity by putting their minds together to generate sufficient organic produce to feed the campers this summer. Can they do it? The next 6 months will tell the tale of it all for Jeremiah, Judd, and Liz!