This week I had the privelage of taking the Green Edge Garden High Tunnel/Season Extension workshop. It was inspiring to see how a relatively small farm can produce a great amount of food, serving Athens, Columbus, and surrounding Ohio areas… did I mention they are growing this food NOW. Throughout the winter they have a CSA (community supported agriculture) farm where people become members, committing to an 18 week season where they receive a box of produce every week or every other week from Green Edge. They also have an 18 week summer season for CSA members. With their 10 high tunnels and around 8 employees, and daily monitoring and tending to covering/uncovering with additional canvas and plastic inside of the high tunnel crops, Green Edge is able to produce food for the community throughout the coldest months of the season. And they teach folks how to do it too!

15492621_10154211397496395_8396305092393659480_n 15541304_10154211397466395_2875622253139066401_n

We had a tough group of folks who were willing to brave the 18 degree temps!

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But inside the high tunnels, I had to take my hat off I was warm (well, at least warmer than outside by a long shot).

img_2923 img_2925 

Photos taken of the plant starting house– pretty simple and successful, they use re-circulated heated water to germinate plants and generate extra heat.

img_2924 img_2918 15442319_10154211397696395_8424407304444894777_n img_2921

Look at all that food growing right now!

img_2920 img_2922

Example of covering the crops with extra row cover for those extra cold nights (or days).

img_2919 15400355_10211346720923809_2267092116524954661_n

This last picture is where it all comes together: a beautiful lunch of fresh Green Edge salad, bread from local flour, and beet and beef borscht from neighboring farm ingredients, prepared by the amazing women of those farms. All in all I am full of useful, inspiring information that I am excited to pass on to our 2017 Wolfe County Grow Appalachia participants. Fingers crossed in hopes that we get our Grow Appalachia NRCS grant for up to 12 high tunnels for our county!