Liz Kammeyer, High Rocks AmeriCorps Member, Hillsboro, WV–

We want you!

That’s right, we want to help you grow the best garden possible in 2017! I’m writing to you from High Rocks in Hillsboro, WV, one of over 30 Grow Appalachia sites currently looking for nearby gardeners to join us for another great year. This program supports Appalachian individuals, families, and market-scale gardens in their efforts to grow nutritious vegetables. We want to help you re-establish or strengthen your relationship with your food and the land it’s grown on!

Here’s what you’ll get from us if you participate:

Information and help with topics including planning, planting and maintaining your garden, cooking and canning with fresh foods you grew, and extending your growing season into colder weather.
Tools, equipment, seeds and supplies to start, maintain, and improve your garden – for free!
Help collecting and interpreting a soil sample from your garden plot so that you start your garden with the healthiest and most complete foundation.
Community connections! You’ll be surrounded with neighbors and soon-to-be friends who are also excited about growing food!

And here’s what we’ll need from you:

NO experience whatsoever! We welcome any and all who are interested – whether you’ve never set foot in a garden and are ready to start growing your own food, or if you’ve been selling at farmers’ markets for years and are looking to learn some new techniques!
Attendance at 6 required informational and hands-on workshops throughout the year. These will mainly be held in Hillsboro, WV, but we will also hold several workshops at partnering sites and/or participants’ gardens in the surrounding area – so please be aware that this may require some driving on your part!
Regular updates on how your garden is going and what we can do to help it thrive – that’s what we’re here for after all!
Accurate harvest data detailing what and how much you grew, how it was used (canned, given away, sold, etc.), and any income produced from selling at market.

If this sounds like something you and your garden could use, or if you have any questions, send us an email at or visit our website: We plan to have our first informational & sign-up meeting in early January, so follow us on Facebook to stay posted.

For now, check out some snapshots of past Grow Appalachia years!