So September has arrived and yet no rain is in sight. I’m feeling like I am gardening in Arizona or a similar climate. Though it’s probably not as hot and a little more humid here. Too bad Hermine didn’t bring some rain our way. I’m finding that it’s easier to keep up with watering my raised beds as opposed to my traditional garden beds during these dry days.
However, the lack of rain is keeping my tomatoes from succumbing to septoria and late leafspot as quickly. I still have several tomatoes that are looking very good and are continuing to produce. I’ve been saving my heirloom tomato seeds recently so I will have seeds for next year. If I wait too long I might not have a chance to save all the different varieties that I’ve been growing.
I’ve pretty much given up fighting the Mexican bean beetle on my green beans though, except for the pole beans in the raised beds at the Christian Care Center. I think I’m still winning the war over there. Daily monitoring and squishing adults and larvae is a requirement however.
The field peas are still doing well and tolerating the extreme dry conditions. So far the Mexican bean beetle has not bothered them too much. I’m always amazed at how well The field peas grow here in Scott County. The okra and peppers are also holding their own and producing quite well during these dry days. I’m also still getting a few cucumbers daily from my later plantings. However, they seem to require more frequent watering then some of the other vegetables. I’m also having to monitor the cucumbers daily for the squash beetle; they look like a sister to the Mexican bean beetles.
I haven’t planted too many fall crops due to the dry weather conditions. My sugar snap peas are doing ok, except for the row the rabbit devoured. They aren’t blooming yet, but I have high hopes for some late peas. It still isn’t too late to plant several other vegetables and the rumor is that September is going to be quite warm.
I think I can still get away with planting collards, kale, kohlrabi and mustards seeds, if I plant in the next couple of days. I have maybe a couple weeks at the most to plant lettuce, radishes, turnips and spinach seeds. I’ve been clearing my beds of old squash, cantaloupe and cucumber plants to make room for these fall additions. We should make the most of our long growing season if we can. So happy fall planting!