Certified Community Commercial Kitchen!!!



Hello everyone! Hope all is going Great with you, and gardens are still giving you produce. Our are giving plentiful. As our gardens are still in production and so is our Certified Community Commercial Kitchen. I have to say we have been very busy. In the end it will all be so worth all the hard work and time that has been put into it.





These work release guys are truly a gift from god. Without their ability to do many different things as the come out to work in groups, we would by no means be as far as we are on this project. We have a concrete mixing guy, a brick layer, and a runner for both guys that can use tools of any kind without have to be taught to use the them. We have been blessed by their presents and hope that we have left an impact on their lives to make better choices when the get to go home.


I am here to tell you that once this kitchen is up and running it is going to make a difference in our community and bring all different cultures in our small town together. As we have been putting out the word on what this kitchen can do for all people. We truly believe that our community is just as excited about this project as we are.

Happy Gardening!!! God Bless All 🙂