Greetings from Sprouting Hope! Summer is starting to fade into fall and slowly our community garden is losing some of its staple favorites like squash and zucchini. Before saying goodbye to these tasty treats, we made zucchini pizza with our bi-weekly group from Evergreen here in Marion. Evergreen provides services to adults living independently, but who otherwise may need support services and resources to have healthy, happy lives. Most importantly, Evergreen provides folks with social outlets and activities in the community. Twice a month, Evergreen brings participants out to the garden to harvest fresh food to take home or to have a nutrition class on cooking.


Many of our participants like zucchini, but admit outside of fritters and zucchini bread, they don’t know what else to do with it. In order to inspire some zucchini creativity, I brought in one of my family’s favorite zucchini recipes–zucchini pizza. And who doesn’t love pizza! Essentially, thinly sliced zucchini serves as the crust of the pizza carrying any delicious toppings one wants. Our participants were able to prep all the ingredients and build their own personal pizzas. While the pizzas cooked, we took a leisurely hike to a nearby waterfall. After the class, participants were able to take home the ingredients needed to replicate the recipe.