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The end of Summer is near, and that means that we’re all getting a bit delirious from the heat and onslaught of harvests. The Donation Station staff, in an effort to increase donations of fresh, healthy food to be distributed to local food pantries, has gotten on board the trend of making memes for social media. We all know this is the time of year when we start locking our doors and vehicles-not due to fear of theft, but fear of discovering a bag of zucchini left by a well meaning and overwhelmed neighbor.  So, we’re encouraging community and backyard gardeners to donate their extra goods to the Donation Station. And it’s working! We’ve seen a sharp increase from individual donations and this is welcome news since we’ve recently begun distributing to two new counties in SE Ohio.

The goofy photos have been a hit on our Facebook and Instagram accounts and have also been a source of hilarity for our staff and all those giggles help to strengthen our abs for lifting heaving boxes of produce. It’s a win-win!

So far this year, the Donation Station has distributed over 50,000 pounds of local food to food pantries in Athens, Meigs, Morgan, Vinton, and Washington Counties.