As summer is coming to an end we are excited to clear beds and prepare them for fall crops. This month has been a wet one but we were still able to harvest many yummy fruits and vegetables for our community gardeners. We also spent lots of time in the kitchen creating heart healthy dishes. Check out what we’ve accomplished this month!

Summer harvest from earlier this week!

Ground cherries and tomatoes galore! Have you never grown or eaten a Ground Cherry? The plant yields a huge amount of tart-sweet berries. This is the common type used by the Pilgrims; excellent for pies, jams, and preserves of all kinds; also delicious fresh. The fruit grow inside a paper-like husk (the same as Tomatillos). Grow it the same as you would tomatoes (http://www.rareseeds.com/).

Fried zucchini using a heart healthy oil option, coconut oil. We paired this dish with homemade tomato sauce for dipping and a green salad.

Can anyone identify this beautiful plant?

Many of our flowers are blooming and we have been arranging them with fresh herbs. You can try this too!

We will be back in September with more from Cincinnati’s Grow Appalachia Partner Site, Over-the-Rhine People’s Garden. Peace and Love to all!