Have you ever thought of making your own flower arrangements for your kitchen table, but you just weren’t sure how? I mean, sure, you could go buy one from a florist, but how much money will that take? I can help! If you have flowers and a vase at your home, then this is absolutely a possibility for you!


The first arrangement I am going to talk about is called a roundy-moundy, as shown below. A simple roundy-moundy normally takes around 10-15 flowers, greenery, and filler flower (small flower, such as golden rod, that are used to balance out your arrangement. Make sure you don’t choose to many colors! It might take away from your arrangement. To begin, you must start with a tall flower in the center of your arrangement. Next, make 4 corners. Put a slightly shorter flower at each corner of the arrangement. Then, take slightly shorter flowers and do the same thing.


Once you have all of your flowers placed, add greenery and filler flowers where they are needed to balance out the arrangement.

There are many more arrangements you could make such as a symmetrical triangle, a corsage, and a three-bud vase. You can even find tons and tons more just by looking up ‘floral arrangements’. You could also look up tutorials on Youtube. These are also very helpful.


Now’s the time to have dinner party! After you’ve made your centerpiece of course! Get to work and express yourself! Thanks for reading!