Good Evening Y’all. Lori here from the rain forest that is McDowell County. I don’t know about you all, but between the scorching heat and humidity, I’m kind of looking forward to winter.

We have been really wound up this past month. We had reading camp during the last week of July. The theme was Down on the Farm. The kids loved it! They got to see what was going on in the gardens, play with the animals, and even got to see some chicks hatch.
Here are some pictures of the Reading Camp Decorations



Our first canning class immediately followed Reading Camp. The day after to be exact. We had 21 attendees, 10 of them under 18. For this class they learned how to make jams and jellies. They made Raspberry/Strawberry, Blueberry/Strawberry, Strawberry and Blueberry. Each participant and a helper or two took a turn at a batch, and they each got to take home one of each kind. We got rave reviews from the ones in attendance, and they are looking forward to doing another one. Let me tell you, when you get 5 or 6 people clustered in a small windowless kitchen along with a 6 burn commercial gas stove, it makes a person realize they need a larger kitchen. We might just need to knock out a wall and hang curtains instead.

We have been harvesting lots of good stuff, beans and cucumbers have done exceptionally well for us at the center. One of our participants said she has so many tomatoes she doesn’t know what to do with them all. I told her that is a good problem to have.

Elly Engle was with us again this time around. She got to see most of the canning class and talk with the participants. They will be doing a survey for her once she gets it made up for them.

We finally had our visit with David Cooke, first thing we did was butter him up with fresh sausage that we raised, and eggs from our chickens. We gave him a tour of the place, and took him to see a couple of participants gardens. I wish we could have gotten to see more of them, but they were unavailable, not to mention that I couldn’t find one guys house. DJ was there several time, but I was only there once at the beginning of the season and forgot which place it was. Scatterbrained doesn’t begin to cover me.

Of course no blog would be complete with out telling about something dumb that has happened, and here it is. The group that was in for Reading Camp bought us some groceries for the food pantry, and we needed to get the room that we keep them and the canned goods in straightened up. One of my friends and her grand daughter came to help me do just that. We were happily chatting and putting things on the shelves, I was sitting on the floor because I am too tall to bend down that far. My coordinated self fell over and cut my elbow. I was sitting on the floor, fell and cut myself. Let that sink in for a second. It was made so much better by the fact that there were witnesses.

Next things on the agenda is the proposal for next season, and the regional meeting in Williamson on the 19th. One of our participants will be coming with us because she said she always learns something new. I’m excited about it because there is a Farmer’s Market involved and I have cash!

Have a great week Y’all and we will see some of you Friday.