Our urban partner site gardeners are excited for an eventful July…. We are pleased to announce Over-the-Rhine (OTR) People’s Garden will be featured on The Civic Garden Centers 32nd Annual Community Gardens Tour! The Community Gardens Tour is Tuesday, July 19 starting at 5:30 pm at the Civic Garden Center. This year’s tour focuses on three projects representing the Civic Garden Center’s historic Community Garden Program’s innovative approach for creating neighborhood-based gardens to serve evolving and diverse populations. Reservations for the community gardens tour include bus transportation to all three gardens in addition to a light meal that will be served by-the-bite as you tour each of the gardens. This event takes place rain or shine. For reservations call 513-221-0981.


Here are some of June’s garden highlights and happenings!


OTR People’s Garden gardeners partnered with a Paul Mitchell stylist, Stephanie, to tackle an area by the compost bins to make more space for food. Gardeners Bashi and Jeff assisted her with this big project and thanks to all their hard work we have a new bed dressed and ready to go.


Several hands-on gardening classes were offered to gardeners and volunteers this month, such as how to plant sweet potatoes and learning how to use a broadfork.



Greg Potter from The Civic Garden Center taught gardeners how to harvest from the compost bins using screens to sift through the loose material that has not finished composting yet. Screen the good stuff out and use it as compost now. Then toss the screened stuff back into the pile for next year.


OTR People’s Garden had the opportunity to work with YouthWorks, a local organization who partners with local groups to serve children in the community. We were lucky to have them volunteer with us this month. Thank you and we hope to see you again soon!


In addition to all the projects food is sprouting up everywhere! Can anyone guess what these yummy sweet healthy treats are?


We would like to give a shout out to our new friend Bellamy! She reached out to us through the Grow Appalachia website sharing she and her husband are fairly new to Cincinnati and wanted to know more about the Grow Appalachia program as she is from Appalachia. Bellamy connected with OTR People’s Garden Coordinator, Christina, and they hit it off as friends. Bellamy is a fantastic gardener and invited us in to see her urban homestead as well as let us borrow her tiller. Thanks Bellamy:)




Thank you for checking in with Cincinnati’s OTR People’s Garden! We will be back with more goodness in July:)

Peace and Love,

Over-the-Rhine People’s Garden