Site DescriptionOver the past couple weeks high heat and no rain has been the story of gardening in Breathitt County. Temperatures in the 90’s with lack of rainfall have put folks gardens in jeopardy once again. I recently took a vacation to come back to a brown, dry lawn. Some of my participants were making arrangements to begin watering their gardens. Luckily, we’ve had a couple good down pours here in town the last couple of days. Those were much needed and appreciated.

The group Facebook page is going great. The pictures posted are from the participants uploading them on the page. It has been a tremendous asset to our program this year. The participants get to interact with one another as well as post their success pictures, ask questions and I even saw one post asking if any other participant had any peas to sell. It has been great for our program.

The youth entrepreneur part of our program is moving right along. Our 4-H Youth Development agent has been working with the participants on their business plans and logos. The youth will be taking their business to the local farmer’s market next month to sell their vegetables! I can’t wait to see some of their tables. I’ll be sure to post pictures.