Volunteer Group at Eastside

Volunteers from Share Your Cloud- Eastside Community Garden

After a very rainy, cool Spring,  Southeastern Ohio is moving full steamed broccoli ahead in growing food to address food insecurity!  The three Donation Station Gardens across the county have seen quality care by volunteer stewards and volunteer groups alike. Also, the food preservation workshop series has begun and just last week we canned pickles asparagus, a delicious treat.



Donation Station at the Athens Farmers Market

Already this year, the Donation Station has distributed 13,322 pounds of local food to our regional food pantries and social service agencies. We’re now distributing to Meigs County and Washington County is in the works. That means we’re almost reaching all of our neighboring counties!

And so, even with the cold and wet beginning, big things are growing underground, seeds are sprouting and a sense of generosity is in the air!