Spring is finally here and summer is just around the corner. This means flowers, beautiful sunshine, and…fleas. If you have pets, you are well aware of the little pests. Fleas and ticks are very small pests that will feed on your pet’s blood and although they are very common and usual they can become a very serious problem when left untreated. They can cause anything from allergic reactions to serious tick-transmitted diseases. They will leave your poor little critters misery, so let’s help our little fur babies out.

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There are many ways to rid our beloved pets of these creepy crawlers. In my opinion, the number one recommended option (especially if you are a new pet owner) would be to take your pet to the veterinarian and get the best treatment available. You can buy a topical treatment or a pill medicine. Some of the most recommended brands of these treatments include Frontline, K9 Advantix, and NexGard.
There are also home remedies to getting rid of fleas and ticks. Some would include bathing your dog and giving him a good brushing, freshly squeezed citrus juice, and a homemade flea spray which you can find the recipe to at everydayroots.com.


Hopefully the information I have given you today will help you keep a happy home with happy fur babies like the little guy above. Have a great May with some beautiful spring days! Thanks for reading!