Happy Earth Day Grow Appalachia Friends!

April has been a busy month filled with educational classes and spring bed dressing! After our seed exchange last month Garden Coordinator Allison taught an amazing class on how to grow food in containers. Since we are an urban site and our garden space is full we were excited Allison was able to share her knowledge with our community so even more people can grow food in the city. Thank you Allison!

This month was also filled with wood chips and compost… All of our beds have been layered with weed cloth and dressed with local compost. Gardeners also put down cardboard between our raised beds and topped the pathways with wood chips in hopes of keeping those pesky weeds at bay. Don’t our beds look great?!

Unlike last April, it was so wet, this month is mostly sunshine allowing many gardeners to come out and prepare their beds.

This month was also EARTH DAY! Garden Coordinator Christina came up with an idea that was inspired by Paul Mitchell Schools, Pinterest and Grow Appalachia. We recycled doll heads on Earth Day and transformed them into unique planters. Planters were filled with edibles like strawberries, fresh flowers and oxygen cleaning indoor plants. These planters were sold to staff, students and guests for $20 a piece. This money was then donated to the Paul Mitchell Schools annual FUNraising campaign. We’ve raised $250 so far and now taking custom orders through Mother’s Day. Do you like? Thanks for the inspiration Grow Appalachia!

If May turns out to be anything like April then we are headed into a successful growing year. We feel blessed and very thankful. Next month we hope to plant a large bed with potato slips, lot and lots of seeds and possibly start to reconstruct our compost bins!! Stay tuned and get outside and grow something. Thank you for reading!


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