Oh yes. The sun has been unapologetically shining and I have been as busy as those big ol’ bees that are humming around all these new and fantastic spring flowers. Busy with tilling gardens, getting and distributing supplies, and having our April transplanting workshop at the Wolfe County Extension office.

image1 image1 (1)


This week I got to visit Owsley Co. inspiring Grow Appalachia site and learn about their community garden and Farm to School program.


Garden one– slight incline, never tilled or gardened before. Probably should have gotten a plow in there, but this 20×30 plot on a narrow residential road just didn’t add up to plow fitting in the picture. Round one of tilling.

DSC_0087 DSC_0088

Garden two– reclaiming pre-existing boxes that were out of use for many years. Each box in different phase of preparedness for little seeds and plants.


One of the four boxes at the Methodist Community Housing in Campton. Just finished these today but forgot to take more photos! Shame on me– must have been the heat.



I haven’t mentioned the seeds that I have been distributing. Our Wolfe Co. program received three seed donations. Thanks to Seed Savers Exchange, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and High Mowing Seeds.


Is anyone else very tired and heavily freckled? I know I am.