Bea Sias, LEAD
Logan, WV.

At the meeting in Berea, Ky. with David Cook, we talked about how they read the blogs and how they enjoy to find out what is going on in our area. Well, my blog is not something to laugh at, but to think how sweet it is.

I have a Gardener who is 87 years old and he can farm. He works all day, every day that the weather permits. He and his wife both can and preserve a lot of food. He also brings fresh vegetables to me.

One day he came to the office, -which he does one or two times a week to check on me – he had a white bag in his hand, and I said. “what do you have in that bag”. He said “our lunch.” I said “Oh good I didn’t bring anything to eat”. He took the lunch out – it contained a small container of Potato Salad and a small container of spaghetti salad.

I said “that really looks good”, and he said, “we will share this”. He opened the containers and he said blessing over the food. What I am trying to say is that he didn’t have very much food for us to eat, but he blessed it and it was plenty for both of us.

I always ask God to Bless everything in our workshops, what the people plant, and especially I always ask him to help me with the program.

Before he left I asked if I could take his picture. He said “why yes, I don’t mind”. He said to me before he left, “Bea, I have liked you since the first time I meet you, and I said I feel the same way about you”. He asked if my lunch was good and I said yes and thanked him.

You see- you ask God to help you, and things will go a long way.