Our goal from the beginning, with Inch by Inch, has been to create a “student run” garden business. As we have found here at The David School, starting a business is a difficult task…even for adult staff members. Last year, was a time for firsts. It was a time to experiment and see what works and what does not. Our second year, has let us be a little more creative and has opened us up to let students take over more responsibilities. We have a Service Learning group that is dedicated solely to Inch by Inch and they sure have taken ownership of the day-to-day operations.

Inch by Inch Service Learning has been spearheading the planning and organization of the school’s Mother’s Day Plant Sale; which will take place April 30th. Students have done the seeding, transplanting, and watering of the plant starts, along with the marketing and organizing of supplies. We have had several discussion on how to advertise an event, what audience we were trying to meet and what “extras” will help draw people in.

It is evident that by putting big responsibilities on our students, they are starting to grasp all the behind the scenes details that need to be considered in order to create a successful, fundraising event. They have added little touches like: providing upbeat background music, providing snacks and drinks and making extra signs for the surrounding streets. It is exciting to watch each student take a piece of the event planning and take ownership of making it come together.

hand painted pots

sunflower seeds