Hello G.A. Family!


We hope that everyone is jumping into 2016 gardening happy, healthy, and excited! We sure are; there have been a few bumps in the road lately, but we have our heads high and are moving forward with smiles on our faces. Gardening is very therapeutic to us here at LCAAHC. We get started each day with the eagerness, and hope to learn something new and different. From the time we put a seed or plant in the dirt, we watch and listen to it sprout and grow into a fruit or vegetable. Yes, as we all learned in school our 5 senses are one of the most valuable things that get us through our daily living. Our sense of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, & smelling are very important. These 5 little things let us know if we are depriving our gardens of food and or water, most of all if and when they need just a bit of TLC. Let us all keep this in mind this year as we grow. We want to start off by letting all of our Grow Appalachia Family know that we Love each of you dearly, and support you in your community. We are all anxious to have a great year as opposed to last year. Mother Nature didn’t want to cooperate with our growing plans here in London, KY. Oh well that’s the past. We are loving her and ready for whatever she may send our way this year. Just want to let her know we are ready and smiling, as we gain another year, we are more prepared for what she might have in store.


We are proud to see some familiar faces returning from last year, and excited to see quiet a few new faces ready to learn, and grow their own food for the very first time. This Organic based garden program is one of the best things to come along in the fast paced world we live in today. some might say it’s as good a thing as Grannies homemade biscuits, or apple pie! For us, knowing that we have families in our community that want to slow down a bit and grab hold of our healthy way of feeding the family is very heart warming and exciting!

We are Thankful to The Bailey Company Inc. for loaning us this beauty!

We have our gardens started with cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, brussell sprouts, & cauliflower. Right now this is a good start as we are not past the chance of a freeze or heavy frost! Everyone please keep your eye on the weather forecast in your area if you have begun to plant. It is very discouraging to get an early start and lose crops because of you were not aware that it could get ruined by that ugly frost encounter. It’s as simple as cover your babies up at night, or wake up before daylight to rinse off the frost. These two simple ideas will save you from having to start over.


From our Community to yours. We Love You! Happy Gardening! Our Unity will keep the World Happy & Healthy!