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2016 is off to a fast-paced and hopeful start as we prepare to grow as much food as possible to feed our community. In February, we hosted a hands-on fruit tree pruning workshop to prepare both young and old trees to bear as much fruit as they can stand this year. Afterwards, teams of volunteers took to the streets to prune fruit trees on public property. At Hope Drive, public low-income housing, all the children were playing outdoors in the unseasonably warm weather and rejoiced that their favorite climbing tree would now have more tasty apples, and be a little easier to climb!

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Community Food Initiatives co-hosted a regional Farm to School Conference that included season extension and creation for school gardens. The participants enjoyed a fun workshop and tour at Green Edge Organic Gardens!

Now we’re connecting with Donation Station Garden Stewards at three of our community gardens to grow and harvest specifically to increase local healthy food access for our area food pantry patrons. Let the Spring begin!