Despite the snow and freezing temperatures on the equinox, garden activity springs abound in and around Boone. Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture has the point person in place to coordinate the numerous community gardens. The coalition of gardens has now met twice and a plan is unfolding as to how to most economically use the resources availabie to them.  Hospitality House, with the help of rested and rejuvenated students from Appalachian State University (pictured below), has upfitted the passive solar greenhouse.

Most noteworthy this month has been the engagement with neighboring communities to participate in our gardening program. With the support of the outreach ministries of Boone United Methodist Church, residents of the neighboring mobile home park met with Hospitality House Garden Coordinator who introduced the renewed youth garden program as well as the opportunities facilitated through the Grow Appalchia grant. The possibilities excited many families and we are now talking with management of the neighborhood to determine what is permissible in terms of raised beds and how to mobilize the resources. Stayed tuned as this is clearly just the beginning of a great growing season! 2016-03-22