We had our first Grow class last evening, covering reporting, seed starting, companion planting and garden planning.  Sixteen people attended and we capped off a great round table discussion / best practices class by planting sweet and hot pepper, cabbage and parsley seeds.  Of the participants in attendance, seven are returning participants, so we have quite a few new people getting involved!  We also planned a second “planting party” (this isn’t a class, just a get together) for next week to start tomato seeds and some other stuff too!  I think we’ll have many planting parties to come!  There might have even been some talk of a keg 😉 (don’t worry, we know that this is not in the budget) :-D.

We also have several new projects in the works, some I mentioned in the last blog.  We have the potential to grow in donated space in two additional gardens, we are in the process of negotiating with a local school to provide produce for their meals and the high tunnel looks like it finally has a timeline!  We are hoping to have it up by mid-April.

On a VERY negative note, Dominion is attempting to build their Atlantic Coast Pipeline in close proximity to our community garden.  We have been fighting tooth and nail to prevent them from doing so, which at least has the upside of bringing the community closer together.  It’s nice to see people from very different walks of life bonding together, though I would trade that for not having this awful threat to our area.  I will provide an update in the next blog.  If you’re reading this and you are interested in helping fight the pipeline please send me an email at kelleymoffat@gmail.com and I’ll give you the links to write a letter.

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growlights 008

I got so excited yesterday that I completely forgot to take pictures of our seed starting class / planting party!  So instead here’s a photo of the outcome!

Edit:  Terry took some pictures yesterday!  Here’s one from the beginning of class: