Hello from Rhonda West in Scott County, TN
Last year we talked about the USDA Certified Manufacturing and Teaching Kitchen and we introduced you to some of the products that are being made to generate funds for the ministries at Scott Christian Care Center. These products are food jars, which are “Nicely Done” products. The jars have all the dry ingredients to make soups, chili, cookies and brownies. The herbs and spices that are put into the jars are herbs that are grown in the garden at the center. The herbs grown are: cilantro, basil, oregano, sage, lemon balm, lavender, anise, parsley, just to name a few.
This year we would like to introduce you to the new bath line product which is part of the “Nicely Done” and will be “Altogether Lovely”. So far, this bath line consists of homemade soap, bath salts, bath fizzies, hand scrub, and healing hand butter.
Caroline Cotton, an 18-year-old young lady who has been volunteering with us for years, developed the new bath product line. She did a lot of research and she developed products that have the high quality natural ingredients that will last over time. She also took a lot of pride in beautifully packaging these products. Caroline shared with us, “I love the mission at the Scott Christian Care Center, and I am excited that we have an opportunity to raise funds for the center with products that we are proud of. And we are all very proud of these products. In my research, I found that similar products that we buy in the store are full of chemicals and preservatives. The products that we sell are made of high quality ingredients, such as Shea Butter, organic aloe vera, vitamin E oil, essential oils, Dead Sea salt, fresh lavender and honey from our own gardens. As a bonus, the aroma from the fresh ingredients and essential oils permeate the building and make for a lovely work environment. I am going to continue to work to expand our product line, so be watching for new product releases on our website.”

All products can be found on our website: scottchristiancarecenter.com