Greetings from Abingdon VA!

The sun has finally decided to come out; warming up the land.  A tiny bit of color to brighten our day has begun to pop.Daffodils 2

In the classroom, we’re seeding herbs.  Learning that making holes in flats has to be done shallow; not too deep or the seeds will be buried.  Takes a steady hand to drop just a few seeds in each hole.  We seeded thyme, parsley, sage and celery.


Checking in at the greenhouse finds our little onions off to a good start.  They’ve been enjoying a little fish emulsion from time to time and promise to be wonderful seedlings.


And at the teaching garden, little lettuces and carrots are making us happy.  March Madness has arrived.

March 29 004

We’ve filled our 10 Market Garden spots; 2nd meeting coming up Thursday.  Soil tests are rolling in and first seeds will go out.  Thanks to our Emory and Henry College support for sorting and labeling hundreds of seed packets.


We’ve put out the word and have 2015 gardeners looking forward to their 2nd year.  A few new gardeners are calling for information, and it won’t be long before workshops begin.  Here’s to another great season!  Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!

Deni Peterson