As you can guess from the title of the blog we have oodles of snow with more coming down!  That, combined with temperatures in the negatives this past weekend (think -25 with wind chill) and the very crowded slopes at Snowshoe makes it seem like spring (and planting season) will never arrive.  Winter feels here to stay, and we are tired of it and ready to GROW!

We have begun our informational meetings and have started to put together our dates for organizing, planting and classes, so our Linwood Community Garden is already well under way.  We are going to be ordering seeds this week, and have not only found a source of free horse manure but also someone with grow lights who is going to be starting many of our seeds  for us, so I would say we are making great progress!   We also have so far at least 5 new families participating in our second year (and still another informational meeting this week where we expect others), so we are GROWing!

We are really looking forward to a closer alliance with our local farmer’s market, and our intention is to put some money back into the program so that we can do even more next year.  In the works also are a high tunnel and a secondary garden for large, sprawling produce.  2016 is shaping up to be an amazing year!  But first it needs to please stop snowing!

20150221_173254 20131210_165424

How are we supposed to garden when the world looks like this?  (Also, I don’t know why the second image is upside down…it’s right side up in my preview and in my blog!)