Sometimes going back to the basics, even if it is just briefly, can really strengthen the foundation. Here at The David School we have taken this idea and applied it to Inch by Inch. In order to cultivate pride in the program among all students, we decided to reevaluate. While the students who have worked with Jann directly in the garden or had a hand in the creation of products know the ins and outs of the program, we wanted to make sure that the excitement for Inch by Inch radiated from all students in the school. For one day, I gave up my 7th-12th grade English classes and, with Jann’s leadership, focused fully on Inch by Inch immersion. Students really responded well to the new knowledge about the program. We had student’s complete activities where they dissected Inch by Inch goals and brainstormed ways these goals could be met. They learned about the interconnectedness of the program and how it affects several areas in the school; classrooms, woodshop, garden and the kitchen. While I can say with certainty that every student took away valuable information from this lesson, there were a handful of students who had a fervor sparked in them that day.

One of many amazing components of The David School is our Service Learning program. While we are still trying to expand the program, we have been able to accomplish some pretty amazing things so far this year. Students spend their Friday afternoons “learning while serving” other people/businesses in the community. Staff and a select group of interested students decided that creating an Inch by Inch service learning group would be a great way to devote more time and brain power to this wonderful program. Jann, myself and 7 students will be working together throughout the year to focus on Inch by Inch. We will be ordering seeds, creating a website, working to design merchandise, revamping hot sauce recipes, choosing new products to test and sell, strengthen marketing, flower sales, prepare the garden for spring and tend to the plants and seedlings. We are all truly looking forward to seeing through the plans that have been set in place for Inch by Inch this year. I know they will not disappoint!

Morgan Miller- English Teacher