Happy 2016 from Hindman! We’ve returned from the holidays and are happily building up steam for another year at the Hindman Settlement School. Personally, I’m (im)patiently waiting for snow, but on the upside, we’re still able to harvest our turnips and cabbages that are holding out against the cold. They’ve been delicious roasted with honey and butter, and cooked in soups!

We don’t get much sun here during these winter months. The sun has migrated to a low point in the sky, so that it sort of rides the ridge of the hills to the southern side of town. It makes for a beautiful beginning to each day, with light streaming through the trees and spilling down into the bottom land.

Coming up in the next month we’ve got some things to keep us busy before spring planting starts. One of those? A workshop on growing mushrooms! We’ll have logs harvested from the woods behind the Settlement School, so that everyone who attends can inoculate their own log with spores and take it home to harvest the mushrooms as they grow throughout the year. Anyone interested can email jmack-boll@hindmansettlement.org or call 606-785-5475.

We’re also gearing up for another year of the Knott County farmers markets, and we will be meeting this coming week as part of the planning committee to see how we can best include our growers in these markets! More to come!