The other day I had the pleasure to watch volunteers in action at Scott Christian Care Center who were making scrubs and mason jar mixes for the Center. Both of these items are made entirely by volunteer help in the top of the line industrial kitchen at the Center.
The scrubs are made out of coconut oil, sugar and essential oils and can be used on hands, feet and elbows, or any other area that has dry and calloused skin. I have personally used these and they are not only effective but an absolutely delightful way to indulge while supporting a great ministry.
The mason jar mixes are either savory or sweet. They are an easy meal or dessert, quite artful, and make a very thoughtful gift.
An SCCC booth was set up at a women’s conference recently and both items were sold there. They can also be purchased at the Center, online at, or by word of mouth. All funds go to all of the ministries at the Center.

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