This month we want to highlight an upcoming event at the Hindman Settlement School, called Dumplin’s and Dancin’. This is the first time this event has happened, and it’s taking place from the 4th through 6th of December (Friday-Sunday). It’s important to us here at our Grow Appalachia program because it’s meant to highlight the food traditions of Eastern Kentucky, and will include workshops and discussions of home cooking and preservation. To add to the fun, we’ll be hosting some fantastic old-time string bands and square dance teachers and callers. It’ll be lively!

We really excited to share an exciting weekend with our neighbors and friends, both local and distant, and so if this catches your attention, you’re invited to come to town! Find more information and registration at and also on Facebook.


On a different note, recently we were thrilled to take part in the first meeting of the Knott County Beekeeper’s Club, hosted by the local Extension Office and our Hindman Settlement School Grow Appalachia program. There was a solid attendance, and a great range of questions for our presenter, who joined us from a neighboring county. This group is just getting off the ground, but we’re excited by the possibility of building a network of people interested in improving pollination for local crops as well as harvesting honey for home use and for sale. Over the course of the next year we’ll be helping families here start up new hives of bees, and connecting them with beekeeping mentors to learn the ins-and-outs of caring for bees. Know anyone who loves keeping bees and might want to share a presentation or tips on what they’ve learned? Let me know at