This is our Sweet Potato Princess helping her mom and I harvest one bed of Sweet Potatoes Monday morning. We had a lot of fun and we got at least 50 lbs of potatoes out of that bed. I was pretty surprised because once they were growing I didn’t water them again and it’s been drought monsoon drought monsoon since they were planted. We were going to dig the rest of our beds at Wednesday workday but the monsoons have been going for a week now and it was thundering and lightning Wednesday so that didn’t happen.
We got a late start on getting fall crops started with the extreme heat and drought, but we started some kale’s, cabbages and what not in the greenhouse. We planted the plants out in our greenhouse with raised bed in it, some in the high tunnels and people put some in their beds. They are taking off nicely. We planted mustard’s, kale’s, turnips, radishes, lettuces, kohlrabi’s, spinach in raised beds starting Labor day weekend. I can’t believe it but we harvested the 1st mustard’s and lettuce this week. Amazing with the heat and drought but of course we watered them daily till the rain started a week ago.
Bill got the cover crops in where the potatoes, beans, and corn were and they are coming up nicely. We’ve still got lots of peppers in our last garden other than the squash and pumpkin garden so no cover crops in them yet.
Oh our new squash and pumpkin garden has done amazing this year. We’ve just started harvesting some. It’s going to be the most we ever grew. We planted them late in June and I think they really liked the heat and I think the drought kept the vines from disease. Yeah!
Monday we had Carol Brandon from UT extension teach a healthy cooking class. She got everyone involved in making Black bean chili and pumpkin bread. MMMM MMMMM Good! We have one more class in a couple weeks on putting the garden to bed for the winter by the UT extension.
We will get the garlic in soon. Our harvest party is the last Saturday in October. We have dishes to pass, pumpkin craving, games, hayrides and more.
Oh and the tomatoes are STILL going like gang busters in the high tunnels!!!! The white flies are too. I’ve been spraying with neem which seems to be helping.
Sorry this is day late. I was busy with my other jobs from dawn to 8:30 last night and completely forgot. I woke at 4:23am with a start thinking Oh NOOOOO yesterday was the 1st and I didn’t blog.