-Bea Sias,LEAD
Logan, WV.

On August 8, 2015, Grow Appalachia in Logan, WV had its first Farmer’s Market. Not a lot of Gardeners showed up to participate, but the ones who did come to sell made quite a few dollars. Everyone was looking for our home-grown-half runner green beans,tomatoes and the works that goes with a good southern meal.

Logan Farmer's Market

Logan Farmer’s Market

Everything we sold was grown by our own Gardeners. One Gardener made Corn Shuck Doll, he got the instructions off Google, they are very easily made. He put his corn shucks in water very early that morning, and by the time we got setup, he started making the dolls to be sold. He sold quite a lot of these dolls, they make perfect fall decorations.

Logan Sept 4

The produce ,being very clean, made a huge difference in a selling point. Next year, if we are invited to the fair (which I did receive a call that we are invited next year), we can plant late crops just to accommodate the fair attendance. We had plenty of produce at Logan County’s Farmers’ Market. Corn really sold well, everyone was wanting Silver Queen Corn, which seemed to be the favorite in our area. New Potatoes and Green Tomatoes also sold good. People of Logan County love Fried Green Tomatoes at any meal.

Logan Sept 2

I know that some of the gardeners would have loved to have been with us that day, however, some were sick, some lost their gardens to rain and all the flooding that we have had this Spring and Summer.
I was really overwhelmed by how many are canning and freezing what their gardens did produce. They made salsa, pickles, green beans, tomatoes and peppers. Some put a lot of vegetables in the freezer. My next workshop will be on how to dehydrate veggies and fruits and all kinds of meat. This also, makes good snacks to eat. Most people use dehydrators to make Deer Jerky, which is very good if made the correct way.