So here we are, already July! Time just keeps rolling on by, no matter what we do we can’t slow it down any. This year is already half over, seems as we just got past the horrible winter and it is just around the corner again! Up until this last week things have been going splendid. Cool days as well as hot humid days. Then this last week and a half happens! RAIN non-stop! More rain this week too…… What are we to do? Every thing is or was growing great! But now that we haven’t been able to get in the garden in days. Who knows what we will find when it gets dry enough to get back at it? WEEDS are a for sure thing we will find, and lots of them I’m sure!


One good thing is our tomato patch looks like it is thriving! As we planted them in ground cover. We may have to do a little weeding, but don’t think it will be anything major. I can see lots of big green tomatoes just waiting to ripen up so I can try the first garden ripe tomato out of our patch this year. Will I share any of it? Just depends on who is here when I pick it. lol. Yes I will share, who will the lucky participant be? We be determined on that day.


We have been harvesting lots of hearty vegetables the last few weeks. Cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, beans, and lunchbox peppers. We have collected a little of each of these. So excited, Got to eat some of the first beans today! Very tasty if I have to say so. Nothing better than eating your own home-grown food!


Happy Gardening & Healthy Eating to All