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Brian here — still getting used to only posting once a month!  So much to tell, but I believe photos speak louder than words, so I will let them do most of the talking.  June was a fruitful month for us; we hosted a weeklong canning workshop at The Boone Street Market in Jonesborough, a rain barrel workshop, and a successful local food & tune filled fundraiser!  Below I have attached some photos from these events and some of our market gardener’s plots..

Below, one of our participants, Amy, has written a blog about starting up her home garden and the history of growing food in her family:

Happy Day to ya,

Well, first off let me give you a little history lesson on our journey so far with our garden.

We have talked for years about growing a garden, but we never seemed to get around to it. We both remember growing up and our grandparents having gardens. My fondest memory is one of my grandfather’s corn, he planted the sweetest, prettiest corn you have ever tasted. We actually planted it in our garden this year for sentimental reasons. And I guess Steves fondest memory is of his grandfather tilling his garden just right and hoeing the rows just perfectly straight and how pretty his garden was when he was finished. And his grandmother pickling cucs and making him new potatoes. And I must give it to Steve , his garden is beautiful. Perfectly planned in every way.

photo 2

We got our grandchildren involved with us. We started out with a little cardboard egg carton and some sod and seeds. Cucs, carrots, squash, beans and watermelon. They got to plant the seeds, water them and watch them grow. It was such a delight seeing how excited they would get everyday they came over and their seeds had sprouted. We had them dig the holes, plant the sprouts and water them. They tell everyone about their garden.

We have been very blessed to have partnered with a local restaurant. They buy everything we have to sell. With our garden just starting to take off, I am anxious to see what the final results are.

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It’s amazing to see the monumental leaps in progress my garden proteges have made in weeding, mulching, and overall plant health.  Nearly all of our participants are now selling at market consistently and are making capital from their little farms!

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