We’ve been planting like crazy here at LMU.  I counted 68 rows this morning of corn, beans, potatoes, peppers, okra, tomatoes, and tomatilla’s.  Saying nothing of raised beds of onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, peanuts and what not.  Then of course you must add in the 2 high tunnels full of tomatoes, summer squash and cukes.  Oh let’s add in a few more tomatoes and cukes in one of the green houses.  OH MY GOODNESS WHAT HAVE WE DONE????  We are trying a new plan of attack on weeds this year by assigning rows to hoe to our members in order to try to stay on top of the weeds.  Before the rains last week everything seemed so under control, now of course I’m pretty sure I can see the weeds growing en masse and the vegetables are trying to keep up.  We have beans to trellis, tomatoes to Florida weave and tomatoes to mulch in addition to the weeds.  Sooooo right now I’m trying not to panic that we have more on our plate than we can take care of.  This morning I started an online course thru Church Next called Spirituality and Gardening with Christine Sine.  She talks about research that shows we increase seratonin levels thru contact with the soil.  Exposure to soil boosts our happiness and strengthens our immune systems.  Contact with the soil can give you a physical high.  Substances in the soil can act as antidepressants.  So no wonder I’m addicted to the garden now I just need to convince everyone else of these benefits.  Of course not to mention all the zillions of pounds of food we will grow.  Happy growing All!!  Sue