By Jason Von Kundra from Sprouting Hope in Marion, VA

The true backbone of the success of Sprouting Hope has always been and always will be our volunteers. To help show this, let us introduce some of our outstanding, dedicated, and inspiring volunteers that make our garden what it is. I am delighted to feature my good friend Libby as our first volunteer spotlight! I plan to interview a couple other volunteers this year; stay posted!

How did you get involved with the garden?

“I meet Jason at Food and Fellowship and got some food and a pamplet. I asked if I could help!”

What first attracted you to get involved?

“Being with good people, with community and raising vegetables that I knew was healthy. I can’t afford all those vegetables that are in the grocrey store. The garden enables me to get them. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get them very often. That is what the garden is for!”

How long have you been involved in the garden?

“A year.”

How have you become more involved in the management of the garden? What committee(s) do you serve on?

“I’m a member of outreach committeee and I went to all the meetings to form a partnership with the State Hospital.”

What is your favorite vegetable?


Tell me about your favorite garden experiences.

“Harvesting tomatoes! Washing vegetables and spashing friends in the process. The commoradory. Helping others like seniors and low income people, like myself. Showing that we’re of value!”

What would you tell someone who has never been to the garden to get them to come join us?

“If you want to have friends, fellowship, and reap the benefits of a good garden, this is the place to do it! It really is!”

Anything else to add?

“When I’m out there, I’m at peace. I’m with God; I have no worries.”