Rhonda West reporting from Scott County.

I wanted to share with you all about a couple of new additions Scott Christian Care Center has added to the raised beds that are located out back.  Sam Krahn, the Scott High School Agriculture teacher has built and installed two more raised beds.  Thank you Sam!


The first week of June, Scott Christian Care Center will be welcoming a mission team from Alabama.  We will be blessed to have some women and children who will be helping with newly built raised beds.  We will use these beds to teach the children how to do square foot gardening.  The beds will contain vegetables as well as herbs.


The two beds that are already being used have helped to supplement the food pantry at the Center.  The fresh vegetables have been given to families that use the food pantry service on Tuesdays.  The beds have also allowed us to give families fresh herbs to try.  The families that have received some of the herbs have been very excited about them.

The herbs that have been grown in the beds have also been used in the “Nicely Kitchen”.  Some of the lavender has been used in the hand scrubs which are some of the “Nicely Done” products.


These two beds will be taken care of by volunteers at the Center.  I think that some of the students from the new “Math Matters” tutoring program will also get involved.  This tutoring program will begin at the Center in a couple of weeks.  This program is a math tutoring program for the 8th grade students who score at the third tier in math.  This program will run for about six weeks during the summer.20150520_130447