Greetings from Abingdon!

Deni here, reporting on the week… Spring Successions came to mind as I took pictures around our farm today.  As market gardeners, succession planting is a goal we strive for.  Some of the crops we make sure to plant on regular intervals include:

      Carrots:  March 17

carrots 2

April 12


Broccoli – you can see the staggered heights and sizes.  These were planted on                                                      April 29         April 17            April 2

Broccoli succession

Kale March 25 April 5 (frozen) May 13



These larger kales are headed to market Saturday morning.

kale 2    kale 4


Sunflowers May 8                 April 24


By staggering our planting dates we can provide our market customers with steady produce.  For example, as the first succession of broccoli comes to a head and is harvested over a week to 10 days the second succession is maturing.  We usually begin harvesting the second batch just as the first one is finished with large heads.  By the time the 3rd succession comes to maturity, we have side shoots from the first two successions.