Scott Christian Care Center held its first fundraising event in the Kitchen! The kitchen is USDA Certified Manufacturing and teaching kitchen. This is a full service kitchen that will address diet related health concerns, nutrition classes, hands on heart healthy cooking classes, home gardening classes, and safe food preservation technique workshops. Gardeners will be able to utilize the kitchen for canning, preserving food and jams and jellies.   Once they preserve their vegetables, jams and jellies they can then take their produce to the local Farmers Market to sell. The kitchen is already making and producing their own products to sell.  Proceeds benefit all the ministries at the Center.  All of the products that are made carry the name “Nicely Done”.


The Center had a Pampered Chef party to benefit the commercial kitchen. How wonderful it was to walk into the newly renovated kitchen tonight.  Seeing everyone cooking and using the pampered chef products, smelling all the wonderful smells filling the kitchen, and the fellowship with everyone attending.  We had a great meal that we all helped prepare.

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Look at this easy fruit recipe, Apple berry salsa:

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1 Granny Smith apple chopped

3 kiwi chopped

1 package of strawberries chopped

1 tsp grated orange rind

1 tbs orange juice

Mix well.  Delicious

As a result of this party, the kitchen received a lot of good products.  Some kitchen utensils, cook ware, mixing bowls, and other items were donated.


Thanks to everyone who made this event possible “Nicely Done”!20150511_124708