By GreenHouse17 Staff

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates about 5-12% of us have vermiphobia, the fear of worms or anything that looks like a worm.

It’s a very real fear that can result in severe and dangerous anxiety in some cases. Recent research even suggests fear of worms might be hereditary.

A participant in our farm’s stipend program has been confronting  her fear of worms this month, while making connections along the way to her journey of healing from intimate partner abuse.

Earlier this month, C.R. wrote this reflection:

“I think I’m starting to get use to the worms after all, but still not feeling them touching up against my hands. I know they don’t mean no harm they need love just like we do. Besides, they are helping plants and crops grow. Maybe one day I will get past my fear of [the worms] touching my hands and then go fishing…because I’ve never fished before.”

That’s the power of nature-based healing and empowerment!

Putting our hands in the dirt, knowing we might uncover something that scares us.  And even though we might be afraid, still finding the strength to dig deep for the hope that today’s challenges will lead to amazing adventures and experiences tomorrow.

We have a feeling that C.R. will be “gone fishin'” someday really soon!