Working with a conglomerate of unique people will introduce ideas you would have never came up with on your own. This is my favorite part of being in a group!

This week Jennifer, one of the mothers from our home school kids plot emailed me the coolest ideas!

Another amazing thing to do in a child’s garden, is to plant a square of sunflowers about 5×5 or so. when they get to be a few inches tall plant a morning glory seed right net to each one. The morning glories climb the stalks and when they reach their full height you tie string across the tops of the sunflowers and they keep climbing to make a roof. this makes a lovely little house that the smaller children could play in while the bigger kids & parents work.

Corn, beans climb stalks, pumpkin or squash shades the earth. This is and idea from a Native America story.

Having these spaces for younger children will be beneficial to both them and the parents. They will still have the opportunity to be in the dirt and plants but not pulling up baby tomatoes or running on cucumber vines.

Jennifer all so requested to grow yellow pear tomatoes and broccoli romanesco. both of these have been a hit with her seven kids!!

Having parents that are involving and getting their children interested in gardening when they are young is the true heart of sustainable agriculture!

Grow on!