Garden Coordinator Christina reporting in from Cincinnati, OH! I have exciting news to share…..Drum roll please…. THE SOLAR SHED IS FINISHED!! Paul Mitchell the School Cincinnati’s Future Professionals along with our Garden Managers completed the build together. It may have taken a few months but it was well worth the wait. The new shed will be helpful for many reasons such as starting seeds earlier and having a safe place to keep our garden tools. The photos below shows the fun we had together! A special thank you to Grow Appalachia and JP for the support and funds to make our dreams possible for our community!

This week we are finally feeling the warmth of Mother Nature. The cold snaps have passed and our seeds are in the ground. Tonight we are adding more seeds ( GMO FREE and ORGANIC of course) as we are working with a restaurant this season, Buona Terra, for our new Market Gardener Program. We have plans to grow spinach, herbs and veggies for their crepes this summer.

You always know summer is coming quickly when you start to hear the hum of mowers clipping the lawns! This week was the first mow of the season. You will see our garden intern, Nick, whacking a pathway through the thick green grass. More stories to come as we have plans in the coming weeks to add a chalk board to our garden shelter for better communication, a special garden work day with our great neighbors Heartical Natural Foods and a fabulous Container Garden Class with the Civic Garden Center!

Happy Friday!

Peace, Love and Garden
Over-the-Rhine People Garden- Christina