My friend JJ died a few weeks ago. But modern medicine brought him back to life. High cholesterol got the better of him; incredible for a person who was as active as he was, is.

He came by the demonstration garden last week now that he’s feeling better and helped put in a raspberry trellis.

Raspberry Trellis 2

JJ has an incredible raspberry patch at his place. He’s been kind enough to let me pick and I was thrilled when he offered to come out and help set up a trellis, because now, I can see what the pieces are and can pass the information on to others.

Raspberry Trellis 1


First, JJ set the upright End Posts.  These are pretty high tech as they are sturdy metal, bright green, and have holes pre-drilled for the wires.  End posts can be much simpler; made from wood or even t-posts.  Raspberry Trellis Tighteners


Next, JJ set the wires; using 9 gauge fencing wire.  The trick is to get the wires taught and stay tight using tensioners that are secured to the ground using a ground post.wire tensioner


Ground Stake


JJ then took time to tie each cane to the support wires that run approximately 2′ and 4.5′ in height.

May 8, 2015 046 May 8, 2015 047


Lastly, Phil, a garden volunteer planted a few young raspberries in the patch “holes” and mulched the entire area with compost and grass clippings.  Now, we need some rain!

Grass Mulch