–Karline Jensen, High Rocks, Hillsboro, WV On a beautiful April morning, 15 gardeners gathered to plant a small garden and share gardening wisdom. The garden had already been tilled, so we started by using 3-tine cultivators and rakes to create our seedbeds. Then we laid the driptape. We mulched two of the beds with oatstraw that we had bought from a local farmer. In the first bed we planted onions and cabbages. The second bed we mulched extra deep to suppress weeds for a few weeks until it is warm enough to plant tomatos and peppers. The third bed we did not mulch, so we could plant lettuce and spinach. We demonstrated an earthway seeder.

The gardeners shared what they had been up to in their home gardens, the weather was beautiful, and all in all it was an inspiring day for everyone.