Rhonda West reporting from Scott County.  We had a good class last night.  I was very excited to see everyone that came out to the meeting.  We had a full house.  I was beginning to wonder if we would have enough seats for everyone.

Compost April 28, 2015 009

Jeremy West, UT Extension Agent taught the class.  “The Dirt on Compost”.  Topics he covered:  What is compost, why compost, brown and green ingredients, and aeration.  He also discussed different types of compost bins and what things to put into the compost.  He showed a great power point presentation, handouts, and provided answers to a lot of good question the participants had after the discussion.

Compost April 28, 2015 001

With all the rain this season gardeners are having a difficult time getting their gardens tilled.  As long as the rain holds off for a few more days some of the tiling can get done.  The participants were very excited to hear this news.  They are all ready to get their hands dirty and start planting all of the wonderful plants they have received.

Compost April 28, 2015 029

After the meeting we all went to Scott High Schools greenhouse and picked up the remainder of plants and fertilizer.

Compost April 28, 2015 026


Looks like everyone is ready to get in the dirt.