Oh dear I discovered this morning that my email has been kicked off the Grow Appalachia system once again.  Last week I got no Grow Appalachia blogs in my box and thought whew it’s a non-blog week which was really good for me as I had to go to Michigan for the week.  We had a family tragedy my step-sisters only son 9 yrs died of the flu, pneumonia, and mersa.  So this week I’m trying to play catch-up at the garden and home.  We had great work nites both monday and wednesday with good turnouts of workers.  Doing things like transplanting in the greenhouse, weeding beds, mulching raspberries, covering strawberry beds with deer netting(yes the deer have rediscovered the plants and they are mostly leafless, replanting the high tunnel ( we lost most of the tomatoes and cukes in the frost while I was gone), getting ready for our 1st plant sale friday and yesterday.  We made $205 at the sale.  Mr. Bill was able to finally till up the inground garden plots Wednesday nite.  So we can finally start planting.  Monday nite we will plant potatoes.  YEAH only a month and a half later than than usual.  It’s been a crazy year so far.

We are enjoying eating asparagus, spinach and rhubarb right now.