Greetings from Abingdon,  Deni reporting on the week’s activities.

Brian's Plot

Brian showed up at a workshop this week.  Excited to have a garden to call his own… found a sweet spot in Johnson City TN to grow for market.  this will be his first solo garden, a pretty big one too 50’x50′.  It will be fun to watch his progress!  Grow Brian Grow!

This week, Abingdon High Special Education students gathered at their garden to plant potatoes.  They measured and mapped their growing space, figured out a plan and went to work.may 1, 2015 014 They trellised their peas, planted a bed or Red, White and Blue potatoes, a bed of onions and mulched the exterior of their fence to keep down weeds.  Next week, they’ll mulch the interior fence line. 

may 1, 2015 012

may 1, 2015 007


may 1, 2015 010

Early Spring Workshops came to and end this week as the last of the cabbage seedlings found a home.  Now, it’s time to concentrate on sorting seeds for summer.  Bulk packages of pumpkins, may 1, 2015 015summer squash, cucumbers, beans, sunflowers and nasturtiums were broken down into individual packages.  We have over 40 participating gardens this year with over half new growers.



Welcome MAY!!!  Bring on the Flowers!