Hello everyone! This is David Cornette with Hindman Settlement School Grow Appalachia. It’s that time of year when everyone is preparing to put out most of their seeds, so we’ve been all over the county tilling up bottoms, laying off rows and adding our organic fertilizer to the soil.


We held our second participant meeting a couple of weeks ago and had a great turnout. A few people brought and swapped seeds, and we provided everyone with seeds for corn, cucumbers and rattlesnake pole beans, along with their own 5 gallon bucket with a line showing the 1 peck mark. This will hopefully make our harvest data as simple and accurate as possible.

We are also partnering with the Appalachian Artisan Center Dulcimer Workshop to make a small garden out of this patch in the parking lot. They’re excited to be involved and we are eager to help them make the most of the land that they have available. I’ll be sure to keep you posted as this spot develops — it’s going to be beautiful!