-Bea Sias, Lead Community Org-Logan WV

At the Lead Community Office, we have a medium to large place in the back of the building. The lady who works with the Community Gardens and myself, took several empty cups and created seed starters. We put our composite and some fertilizer in each cup, mixed it together good and  seeded peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. It is a small wonder what you can do with empty yogurt cups or any kind of containers to seed and make beautiful plants.

We are hoping these sprout well and we intend to plant green beans, tomatoes and different vegetables, that we can share fresh produce with our co-workers. One of my gardeners brought me squash and zucchini that he had seeded in large red Dixie cups and they did very well and grew beautifully.

beavsias pics sd card 073

Some people who live in apartments, seed in cups, then transfer to larger pots, which is a great idea for confined small spaces with no room to do a garden or raised beds. But there is nothing like getting in the dirt to plant your garden and treating it like it’s your baby because basically that is how we grow our gardens. We feed it, water it, and pamper it and show that we love it.

I really admire people who use raised beds, it is one of the great ways of having fresh produce. Really, I don’t think you have as much work to do and yet you have fresh produce all summer and most of the time all they way into the fall. All of those fortunate people who have had some pretty days to work in their gardens, tell me they have peas, lettuce and onions popping through the ground. I  hope they produce well and grow into big plants, so we can eat well and sell in our Farmers Market.

Happy Gardening.